How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Essay Writing Service?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Essay Writing Service?

It costs around $15-$40 per page to hire an essay writing service to do your paper. However, the final price of the paper depends on the essay writing service that you choose. At you can get a high-quality paper at an affordable price according to your requirements and academic level.

Where Can I Pay Someone to Write an Essay for Me?

You can pay at to get your essay written. It is the number one place for students to buy essays from professional writers who ensure your academic success.

Our starting price is $15 per page. The total cost of the essay depends on some factors which are explained below:

  • Deadline: Your paper’s deadline determines the effort we will have to put into getting your assignment on time. An assignment that is 6 hours away will cost more than the one that is 6 days away. So, to avail of maximum discounts, try to place your order as soon as possible and well before the final deadline.
  • Assignment Requirements: Some clients require a lot of things from their writers, which obviously means more work. They need a higher number of citations, number of pages, infographics, etc. Thus, your assignment requirements also determine the total cost.
  • Academic Level: We offer flexible rates to all students according to their academic level. We know that a high school student has lesser budget and assignment requirements than a PhD researcher. Thus, we offer rates that suit your budget.

You will calculate the final cost of your assignment through our price calculator by putting these variables, yourself. You will be only paying the amount that you calculate. There are no hidden or extra charges later on.

Moreover, we do not require the whole amount upfront.

Instead, you only pay 50% in advance. The rest can be paid when you are completely satisfied with your assignment. Since your satisfaction is our priority, we offer unlimited free revisions, till you call your assignment perfect.

If that is not enough, we also offer a 100% money-back guarantee for all our papers.

Are Essay Writing Services Worth It?

Yes, professional essay writing companies are definitely worth your time and money. is the leading essay writing service provider, offering top-notch essays that are custom written just for you. Our team of expert writers can write all kinds of academic papers. From college essays to term papers - we do it all!

Here are some other reasons why we are worth it:

  • We are proud to provide high-quality and plagiarism-free academic papers.
  • Whether it's day or night, our customer support team is always here for you. We're always here to help you.
  • We take your deadline seriously and always deliver on time.
  • You'll love our prices! They're inexpensive and affordable, so you don't have to break the bank just for a college paper.
  • We will never trade your privacy and personal information with any third party without asking you first.

Taking a dip in the academic pool can be daunting, but luckily you have found us to help. Make a “write my paper” request on our website. Let our essay writers take some of your workload and allow yourself an opportunity for free time!

Is It Illegal to Pay Someone to Write an Essay?

Getting help from online essay writing services is completely legal and not considered cheating. Instead, getting this kind of assistance for your assignment is just asking for a tip for completing the assignment properly. While you still maintain all the content original and free from plagiarism.

However, there are many cheap essay writing services out there that will take advantage of inexperienced students. They exploit these students by providing them with low-quality papers. They even steal others’ work to call it their own.

So, it's important that you find an honest paper writing service like We have writers with professional degrees to write high-quality essays online tailored according to your requirements. The written papers provided by us will definitely get you your desired grades, that too without disturbing your budget.

Open our website, visit the order page and make a “write my college essay” request today!

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